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Estimated Property Tax Impact (for the proposed General Obligation Capital Loan Notes, Webster County, Iowa New Jail and Sheriff’s Office)

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Values as of 1/1/2022 for FY 2023/24 Taxes

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*Property tax amounts are estimates of the impact of the proposed New Jail and Sheriff’s Office bond issue.

Other County taxes and property taxes of other jurisdictions are not included.

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Webster County, Iowa Parcel Information

Please contact the Webster County Auditor's Office for additional information.

701 Central Ave, Fort Dodge, IA 50501

Phone: (515) 573-7175

These amounts are an estimate of the tax impact of the proposed General Obligation Capital Loan Notes and are not a guarantee that this is the final tax you would pay if the bond referendum passed.  The values expressed here assume a bond size of approximately $45.5 million repayable over a 20 year period. Amounts greater or less than that or a shorter or longer repayment schedule will increase or reduce the impact of the tax to you. This calculation assumes currently available interest rates for the bonds based on the County’s credit, market conditions at the time the bonds are sold and other factors. The final interest rate will not be known until after the bonds are approved and sold, this value could be higher or lower than the values stated here which could increase or reduce the amount of the tax to you. The values expressed here are based on assessed values for tax year 2022, which may increase or decline in future years, resulting in a tax impact either larger or smaller than the $1.20 levy per $1,000 of taxable value expressed here. The tax impact reflected here does not include other County taxes or the property taxes of other jurisdictions.

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