Municipal Investment Management

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Trusted Fund Management

Our portfolio management is not only utilized by investors for customized portfolios, but also tax-exempt mutual funds. With a specific focus on fixed income securities, our portfolio managers strive to provide value to clients according to their investment policy directives.

Experience-Driven Performance

With over 50 years of combined experience, our team’s process includes analysis of specific metrics for each municipal bond market sector, interviews with management, and site visits. Our investment style has proven to perform through the test of time. Employing a proprietary credit surveillance process to our analysis, we monitor information to track trends in tax collections, enterprise revenue collections, property valuations, economic activity and legislative developments to stay at the forefront of municipal markets.

Customized Portfolio Management

With our knowledge and expertise, we help you meet your investment objectives while respecting your organization's specific level of risk tolerance, policy parameters, and resources. Our experience with non-profit, government, and institutional clients gives us an unmatched understanding of the delicate issues confronting today’s treasury and investment professionals, equipping us with the knowledge to make informed investment decisions.

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