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Problem-Solving with a Poetic Break

Problem-Solving with a Poetic Break

amyGet to know Amy Anastasoff, Managing Director, Chief Operating Officer, Fixed Income Capital Markets

Amy shares the rewards and challenges of the complex role she fills for the fixed income team.


1. How would you describe your job/role to someone outside of our industry?

Up until my recent move to the Chief Operating Officer position in Fixed Income Capital Markets, I would have described my role in public finance underwriting as helping municipal entities raise capital to fund projects, build schools, communities, neighborhoods, etc. I also worked to bring buyers and sellers of fixed income products together so that we could meet the needs of both parties. Now I describe my role as chief problem-solver for the employees of our division. I have been with the firm for almost 23 years, starting as a sales assistant, and have developed a deep understanding of our business, our processes and how to get things done. Being the COO gives me an opportunity to take that understanding, and my passion for this role, even further and make significant improvements both for our division and for our firm.

2. What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

Helping to find solutions to difficult problems is very rewarding to me. I like facing new challenges and, in my role, they come daily. I was taught early in my career to never throw out a quick answer and to instead always take time to consider all the angles of a situation. I have learned to seek other vantage points, trust myself and take time to do the right thing.

3. The Fixed Income Capital Markets group has grown significantly in the last year. How do you approach hiring and managing employees who work in offices across the U.S.?

We have grown so much in the last year; it’s been a very exciting process. Interviewing via video conferencing has worked well and has saved time for our hiring managers and candidates. It is often a more casual interaction and also reveals some things about people that you might not learn in person or in the office.

With our fixed income team working in 31 offices in 19 states, we have always been a bit decentralized (away from our larger regional offices), so our work in 2020 does not feel that different. We trust our people to work hard for our clients and ourselves every day. We encourage sharing ideas and are open to suggestions from everyone, from our newest hires to our most senior executives. Technology has made this much easier, and I’m grateful for our firm’s strong investments in these areas.

4. If you could give advice to your younger self, what would it be?

It’s okay to ask for help; you don’t have to try to do it all by yourself.

5. What book is currently on your nightstand?

A new book of poetry by the young talented poet, Rupi Kaur, called “Home Body.” She draws illustrations and writes short poems that cut to the heart. I am amazed by how she says so much with so few words. Her writing has inspired me to try to let my words flow while journaling, which is a great way to release whatever I may be over-thinking.

6. Which living person do you most admire?

My parents. My mother is infinitely patient (trust me, I’ve tested this), and has a positive attitude about literally EVERYTHING. My father is steadfast and analytical, with a wicked sense of humor. Together they make a great team. They have been married for 50 years and their love for each other inspires me every day. They retired recently, and watching the fun they make together has been a joy.

7. What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Perfect happiness to me is being surrounded by love and laughter. My husband, Christopher, and I know never to take things too seriously. Life is too short to have bad days. When a challenge comes our way, we count our blessings, make a joke and move on. When we can travel again, perfect happiness will be watching the sun as it sets over the ocean and reminiscing about the crazy year that was 2020.

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