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Trends 2021

Trends 2021


Solid-State Batteries

While the concept for solid-state batteries has been known for decades, advances in 2020 have addressed challenges of short lifetimes and slow charging rates. This could be a game changer for electric vehicles.



The shape and structure of proteins have long been a mystery to biologists. A recent breakthrough now enables them to predict the final structure of protein sequences, with the potential to advance our understanding of diseases and how to treat them.



Developments in technology around communications and gaming are resulting in the creation of all-virtual, avatar-based communities, the likes of which resemble the science fiction of old.

zombie companies

Zombie Companies

Unprecedented action by the Federal Reserve provided trillions of dollars in support to ensure a public health crisis did not turn into a financial one. It also resulted in near-dead companies that would have gone out of business, but for government intervention.

corporate woke

Corporate Woke

Companies are feeling a new pressure to adopt values and positions that extend beyond their core operations, often touching on sensitive social and political issues. As definitions of corporate stakeholders evolve, what must companies do to best serve them?


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The COVID-19 pandemic exposed an overreliance on China in global supply chains. Now, many companies embrace the need for a diversified approach to supply chain management, shifting the focus to other Asian nations.

new school

New School

An increasingly hybrid approach between traditional classroom settings and online learning has resulted in a boon of innovative, technology-enabled approaches to teaching and learning.



Are pajamas now acceptable workplace attire? A new understanding that employees can be productive working remotely has resulted in questioning the value and role of the traditional office, and all that comes with it.



While the concept has been around for a long time, COVID-19 has pushed remote delivery of healthcare services to the forefront of patient care.



As it becomes more expensive and technically difficult to double the number of transistors driving processing power, Moore’s Law may no longer apply and computer architects are looking for other ways to improve performance.



With an API-first ecosystem, companies can increasingly build nearly everything non-core to their business by writing a few lines of code and accessing third-party application programming interfaces (APIs).


Hydrogen Fuel

As emphasis is placed on decreasing greenhouse gas emissions, more attention is paid to alternative sources of energy. Hydrogen presents many benefits for producers and consumers looking to go green.

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