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Looking Ahead: Exciting, Disruptive and New Trends to Watch in 2022

Looking Ahead: Exciting, Disruptive and New Trends to Watch in 2022



In the 1990s, Web1 was about accessing information. In the mid-2000s to present, Web2 users became the product of companies via data collection. Going forward, the idea of Web3 is becoming more of a reality through the use of blockchain allowing users to become the owners of their product/data.

digital assets

Digital Assets

As the shift from physical to digital assets accelerates, so too does the acceptance that Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) can hold value the same way as physical art and other tangible items. An industry is rapidly developing in the digital asset space, driven by the adoption of blockchain, digital currency and the Metaverse.



The evolution of gaming and the internet, combined with the pandemic lockdowns calling for alternate ways to interact, have led to a strong propelling of the Metaverse. The Metaverse allows for users to interact with each other on the internet in various immersive ways which have the potential to revolutionize the way people socialize, work and value things.



As geopolitics have shifted from superpower-based leadership, the void is being filled by a new set of players: mega-cap technology companies such as Apple, Meta (Facebook) and Alphabet (Google). These companies operate in a digital space without borders where they essentially make and architect the rules.

corporate concentration

Corporate Concentration

Many become fewer, the big consume the small — this is often the natural evolution of corporations. However, the hit of the lockdown during the pandemic heavily handicapped the small, allowing larger corporations to buy both vertically and horizontally.


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Synthetic biology (SynBio) is a multidisciplinary area of research that seeks to create new biological parts, devices and materials, or to redesign systems that are already found in nature. As critical investments in infrastructure bear fruit, we believe SynBio could be a disruptive technology.



mRNA medicines are sets of instructions that take advantage of normal processes in our bodies to express proteins that can prevent or fight disease — something not possible with other drug approaches. As a result, using mRNA as a drug holds great potential and opens up new opportunities.

connected health

Connected Health

The widespread adoption of wearable technology has led to an explosion of information available to better track and treat health conditions. This is making our healthcare system smarter by providing medical and insurance providers more detailed information about patients, and it’s helping spawn new industries such as personalized fitness and medicine.

great resignation

Great Resignation

The pandemic and lockdown has catalyzed how people view their careers. Whether it is a result of work/life balance, switching careers, hours and/or pay, people in 2021 quit their jobs at record rates. With a shortage of labor, workers now find themselves in the driver seat of negotiating, for the time being.



Transactions are premised on good faith and the belief that other parties will deliver the assets, goods or services they say they will. As trust between parties erodes due to polarization, globalization or other factors, new industries and technologies are developing to ensure transparency and accountability between market participants, driven largely by blockchain technology.

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