Public Finance

Bringing billions of dollars in financing for communities across the U.S.

D.A. Davidson specializes in financing projects for communities across the United States. From securing funding for a new elementary school building to structuring multi-million dollar project financing for professional athletic facilities, we are committed to strengthening infrastructure, expanding businesses and enriching the lives of the people in our communities. Our public finance investment bankers bring experience and expertise in conventional fixed-rate debt financing, variable-rate bonds, credit-enhanced structures and non-rated bonds.




Feet on the ground matter.

Municipal Advisory Services

Access to all major information services allows us to update clients on market trends and development, and our tailored analytical services enable us to offer government clients the guidance they need to negotiate the maze of financial, legal, and regulatory issues posed by today’s market. D.A. Davidson is a registered Municipal Financial Advisor with the SEC and MSRB.

Placement Agent Services

Our strong relationships with a network of lenders, both local and regional banking institutions, and flexibility to negotiate the best terms related to loan covenants, call features, and repayment schedules offer unique opportunities for clients. Our recent experience has included general obligation and revenue financings ranging in size from $85,000 to more than $625 million.

Decades of deep and proven expertise across a variety of public finance sectors:

  • Charter Schools
  • Healthcare Finance
  • Higher Education
  • Lease-Purchase Financing
  • Local Governments
  • Rural Water
  • Sanitary & Improvement Districts
  • School Districts
  • Special Districts
  • State Governments
  • Tribal Finance
  • Utility Finance

Charter Schools

A recognized leader in charter school financing.

Charter schools have emerged as a viable component of the public education system. Demand for charter schools is growing and many of these schools face significant financial and operational challenges. Charter school officials may not be fully equipped to confront the issues of land acquisition and building a new facility, much less the rigors of the securities markets. As a recognized leader in charter school financing, D.A. Davidson understands the legal and financial variables that allow charter schools to gain access to the tax-exempt capital market.

Our breadth of charter school expertise is illustrated below.

180 Schools | 13 States | $2.210 billion financed

Source: D.A. Davidson Offering documents on file (as of 12-31-16).

At D.A. Davidson our belief is that the best way to assess your needs is to listen. Responsibility to you is not just an aspect of our firm; it’s how we’ve done business for 80 years and counting.

Learn more about our recent charter school projects. For more information on how D.A. Davidson can help meet your financing needs, contact Eric Duran, , or Matt DeAngelis,

Healthcare Finance

Expert guidance for healthcare clients.

D.A. Davidson has been active in serving healthcare institutions for over three decades. We pride ourselves on providing long-term, comprehensive service to our clients that is not transactional in nature. Our team offers extensive knowledge of nationwide trends in the sector’s credit, structuring, and investor expectations, while maintaining regional specialization. That blend has proven invaluable to our healthcare clients.

Our team is able to shed light on credit implications of structuring and other decisions early in the planning process, and to develop and implement successful rating strategies for our clients.

Our healthcare practice in our public finance department has been a cornerstone of D.A. Davidson’s business since 1968, and we continue to expand our capabilities and outreach. Furthermore, our dedicated healthcare specialists are supported by the broad analytical resources, key technology and operating systems, and extensive distribution capabilities of Davidson’s Fixed Income Capital Markets division. As a result, our clients enjoy exemplary service, optimal financing solutions, and an efficient cost of capital.

Our experience and specialties include:
  • Hospital Finance
  • Debt Capacity Analysis
  • Rating Analysis and Presentations
  • MOB Finance
  • Skilled Nursing
  • Senior Living
  • Public Hospital Districts
  • Critical Access Hospitals
  • Private Placements
  • Fixed and Variable Rate
  • Taxable and Tax-Exempt
  • Structured Products

Learn more about our recent healthcare projects. For more information on how D.A. Davidson can help meet your financing needs, contact Kreg Jones,

Higher Education

Over $4.232 billion in higher education financings.*

D.A. Davidson offers expertise with all aspects of higher education finance, including structuring, debt capacity analysis, credit analysis, credit enhancement and sales and distribution activity. We analyze historical student demand, the institution’s role in the market area, operating performance, endowment management, existing debt structure and strategic capital objectives. Through capital needs assessment, we advise higher education clients on amounts and types of debt to issue. From 2006 through December 2016, D.A. Davidson bankers have participated in 189 higher education financing deals totaling over $4.232 billion.

*Source: Thomson Reuters/SDC January 2017

Lease-Purchase Financing

Providing alternative financing options.

Lease-purchase agreements may take the form of both lease revenue bonds and certificates of participation and are increasingly an option for local governments and hospitals. We have successfully completed lease financings for:

  • Counties
  • Correctional facilities
  • Municipalities
  • Public safety (police and fire) equipment and facilities
  • School Districts
  • Sports facilities
  • States
  • Technology centers
  • Universities

Local Government

Our market presence helps municipalities make informed decisions.

National Scope, Local Presence
Our Public Finance team shares expertise and experience across states and sectors. Our direct and frequent market participation allows us to provide our clients with superior market information. As a broker-dealer, our understanding of credit and the investor community help us structure transactions to minimize our clients’ cost of borrowing. Local banking teams mean we know the state regulations, market trends and third parties.

More than just Market Activity
D.A. Davidson’s regular presence trading securities for both new money and secondary market transactions includes over $35 million per day. However, our work “behind the scenes” with our clients is what separates D.A. Davidson. We prepare detailed financial analyses to outline pay-go vs. bonding structures to assist with long-term capital planning, including CIP and utility rate study analysis. D.A. Davidson bankers have served as financial advisors or underwriters to numerous local governments, including:

  • Arapahoe County, CO
  • Boulder County, CO
  • City of Grand Junction, CO
  • City of Omaha, NE
  • Lincoln County, NE
  • City of Orange City, IA
  • City of Indianola, IA
  • Plymouth County, IA
  • City of Manhattan, KS
  • Cleveland County, OK
  • Tulsa County, OK
  • City of Portland, OR
  • Pierce County, WA
  • King County, WA

Rural Water

Financing clean water for communities large and small.

Rural water financing programs provide an efficient, cost-effective lending source for communities nationwide. The rural water financing programs that D.A. Davidson employs gives communities access to the bond market with a reduced issuance cost. These programs provide the benefits of a stand-alone bond issue, while reducing costs in a pooled structure. From January 2006 through December 2016, we have completed 539 financings of over $3.393 billion in 23 states.

(Source: Thomson Reuters/SDC January 2017)

Sanitary & Improvement Districts

Helping to improve and expand public infrastructure.

D.A. Davidson employs a financing approach for Sanitary and Improvement Districts (SID) using construction fund warrants, a practice unique to Nebraska. Public improvements typically consist of streets, water, sewer, gas and electric service systems. As the district develops, special assessments and taxes from taxable valuation are collected and used to retire debt. Eventually, an adjoining municipality may annex the SID, providing the residents direct access to city services and increasing the city’s tax base and population.

Learn more about our recent SID projects. For more information on how D.A. Davidson can help meet your financing needs, contact John Kuehl,, or Kurt Kitson,

School Districts

Helping school districts expand and improve.

We are proud to serve school districts large and small and offer a full range of services including bond issue planning, tax rate management and bond rating assistance. Many school districts face unparalleled budgetary pressures in today’s financial environment.

D.A. Davidson helps school districts navigate financial challenges and provides investment banking and advisory services to school districts spanning the following states:

  • Arizona
  • Iowa
  • Montana
  • Nebraska
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • South Dakota
  • Utah
  • Washington

Special Districts

Experts at financing community development.

Over the past ten years, the Special District Group at D.A. Davidson has underwritten more special district debt in Colorado than all of our competitors combined (Source: Thomson Reuters/SDC). This extensive experience in the marketplace ensures that clients benefit from comprehensive solutions that meet their needs and provide the most efficient financing available.

D.A. Davidson provides a comprehensive approach which includes:

  • Engaging in the early stages of the development process to assist in negotiating the terms of a district’s formation.
  • Providing banking advice and support prior to the issuance of debt to ensure that special districts are ultimately able to issue debt in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Working with clients after formation to determine the optimal timing and structure of the district's debt offerings.

Unmatched experience structuring over 300 special district bond transactions in the past ten years ensures that clients achieve maximized results. The combination of our group’s underwriting leadership in conjunction with our firm’s sales and trading capability allows us to deliver on our commitments even in turbulent credit markets.

Special districts can be a useful tool for funding public infrastructure across a full range of development types including:

  • Residential Development
  • Retail Development
  • Commercial/Industrial Development
  • Mixed-Use Development
  • Urban Renewal Projects
  • Water Resource Development

For more information on how D.A. Davidson’s Special District Group can help meet your financing needs, contact Sam Sharp,

State Governments

A proven partner for governments.

D.A. Davidson works with governmental entities to help execute their budgetary needs and operational plans. State government public finance plans include general obligation bonds, pension obligation bonds, tobacco securitization and cash flow notes. Our bankers have served as financial advisors or underwriters to numerous state governments, including:

  • California Municipal Finance Authority
  • The State of Colorado
  • Commercial/Industrial Development
  • Kansas Development Finance Authority
  • Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation
  • The State of Montana

Tribal Finance

Innovative and flexible financing alternatives for tribal leaders.

D.A. Davidson provides private placement and financial advisory services to tribal governments that have a need to access capital market funding. We have a proven track record of delivering financings for “Essential Governmental Function” purposes such as debt consolidation, refinance, working capital, and new construction funding. The firm has also funded tribal enterprise financings at competitive rates in the taxable market. As the tribal finance market emerges, we will continue to provide innovative and flexible financing alternatives to tribal leaders.

Native American Finance Experience*:

Santee Sioux Nation - Santee Sioux Nation of the Santee Reservation of Nebraska

  • $18,660,000 Tribal Health Care Revenue Bonds (Indian Health Service Joint Venture Construction Program Project)

Oglala Sioux Tribe - Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, South Dakota

  • $8,580,000 Essential Governmental Function & Refunding Revenue Bonds
  • $4,600,000 Essential Governmental Function Cash Management Notes (Taxable)
  • $6,015,000 Essential Governmental Function Refunding Revenue Bonds
  • $3,980,000 Essential Governmental Function Revenue Bonds
  • $6,085,000 Essential Governmental Function Revenue & Refunding Revenue Bonds
  • $8,355,000 Essential Governmental Function Revenue & Refunding Revenue Bonds

Lower Brule Sioux Tribe - Lower Brule Indian Reservation, South Dakota

  • $10,000,000 Refunding and Tribal Purpose Bonds (Tax Exempt)
  • $6,460,000 Refunding and Tribal Purpose Bonds (Taxable)
  • $5,500,000 Tribal Purpose Bond Anticipation Note (Taxable)
  • $6,505,000 Tribal Purpose Refunding Bonds (Taxable)
  • $5,345,000 Tribal Purpose Refunding Bonds (Taxable)
  • $9,700,000 Tribal Purpose Refunding Bonds (Tax Exempt)

White Mountain Apache Tribe - Fort Apache Indian Reservation, Arizona

  • $7,790,000 Essential Governmental Function Revenue Bonds
  • $12,460,000 Revenue Bonds (Taxable)


The Cherokee Nation - Northeastern Oklahoma

  • $2,925,000 Revenue Bonds

The Chickasaw Nation - South Central Oklahoma

  • $3,015,000 Taxable Certificates of Participation (IHS - Regional Supply Service Center)
  • $8,310,000 Certificates of Participation (Travel Plaza Projects)

*Project transactions listed above are merely a representative sampling of transactions and are not meant to be inclusive.

Utility Finance

Proven experts in financing critical utility systems.

The financing of basic infrastructure needs, such as utility systems, remains a core competency of the bankers at D.A. Davidson. From January 2006 through December 2016, our bankers have participated in managing, structuring or distributing over $10.019 billion of utility system financings (Source: Thomson Reuters/SDC January 2017). Our major clients include the Arkansas River Power Authority, Omaha Public Power District, Iowa Public Power Agency and Missouri Public Utilities Commission.

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