Whole Loan Trading

Our Whole Loan Desk offers loan portfolio solutions to banks, credit unions, mortgage banks, and specialty finance companies. Our team has decades of experience across all loan sectors and will ensure a smooth transaction process. We provide solutions tailored to your need for liquidity, credit risk management or asset concentration relief. Should you need to augment loan origination with bulk or flow purchases of loans meeting your criteria, we can introduce you to numerous opportunities across our customer base.

Loan Trading

  • Loan and participation sales and sourcing
  • Portfolio optimization and pricing
  • Assistance with transaction documentation and negotiation
  • Full coordination of transaction process
  • Secure data room for due diligence
  • Market trend commentary and consultation

Loan Analytics

  • Liquidity assessment and Pool Optimization
  • Loan Pricing
  • Prepayment and loss analysis
  • Portfolio, pool, and loan level yield analysis

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D.L. Auxier

Managing Director,
Whole Loan Trading
(901) 425-7383
[email protected]

Bryan Perlmutter

Senior Vice President,
Whole Loan Sales
(212) 882-3911
[email protected]

Nicholas Licciardi

Managing Director,
Head of Taxable Fixed Income
(303) 764-6042
[email protected]