Davidson Investment Advisors has acquired Caprin Asset Management — a combination resulting in a deeper investment team and coast-to-coast resources for clients and partners.


About Caprin

Central to the Caprin philosophy is our commitment to serve clients to the fullest with seasoned insights for achieving your fixed-income goals. Success comes from understanding more than just the fundamentals. We are totally immersed in our specialty. We understand its intricacies and opportunities, and have a history of helping clients make informed decisions. As a firm dedicated to offering wealth preservation solutions, we embrace these key principles:

Know the Market Through Disciplined Research

To develop sound fixed-income strategies for a range of market environments

Know How to Mitigate Risk and Manage Volatility

To strike a balance between risk and return for wealth preservation

Know How to Implement Strategies That Seize Market Opportunities

To generate a competitive yield while investing with risk-conscious fundamentals


Our Team


Our Products

Managing the balance of risk and reward

Caprin offers individualized fixed income portfolio solutions. Our knowledge, acquired through experience and ongoing market surveillance, allows us to manage the balance of risk and reward. Our comprehensive set of solutions, ranging from separately-managed accounts to actively-managed ETF-based strategies, enhances our ability to meet your needs for wealth preservation and income generation.

Municipal Bonds Taxable Bonds
Total Return INTERMEDIATE MATURITY (Average Maturity 6-9 years) INTERMEDIATE MATURITY (Average Maturity 4-5 years)
Lower Volatility SHORT MATURITY (Average Maturity 1.0-1.5 years) LOW DURATION (Average Maturity 0.75-2.50 years)

Our Process

A disciplined, consistent strategic process

We understand that the most effective way to navigate today’s complex and evolving bond markets is through adherence to a consistent method applied in a disciplined manner. In simple terms, our process delivers results based on these foundations:

  • Align investment strategies with our market outlook
  • Define model portfolios optimized with our best investment ideas
  • Scrutinize market offerings for securities ideally suited for each portfolio
  • Challenge conventional thinking and manage proactively
Caprin Process


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