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Personalized services for individuals, businesses and institutional clients.

Trust Management

D.A. Davidson Trust Company specializes in all facets of trust management. Our team offers complete, comprehensive trust services tailored to help you meet your specific goals. We understand the importance and personal nature of your trust decisions and work alongside you to implement trusts as flexible tools that can help ensure your hard-earned success is protected and transferred as you intend.

  • Trust Administration
  • Structuring of Charities and Foundations
  • Living Trusts
  • Charitable Remainder Trusts

Wealth Planning

With our personalized wealth planning services, we help simplify the complexities of planning for your future — adding value to your wealth equation by supplementing and coordinating the services necessary to reach your goals. Taking into consideration each of your resources and choices, we offer a big-picture perspective, helping you make plans to achieve success as you define it, while minimizing costs and risks.

  • Estate Planning
  • Asset Modeling
  • Investment Goal Setting

Asset Management

We offer you planning assistance for the present while developing and executing complementary planning for your vision for the future. Together, we can anticipate your investment needs and those of generations to come. In carrying out your wealth plans, we can manage all of your investment and non-investment holdings.

  • Portfolio Management
  • Mutual Fund Investing
  • Custodial Services
  • Cash Management
  • Property and Lease Management
  • Safekeeping Services

Retirement Planning Services

As the directed trustee and custodian of a retirement plan, our team works directly with other advisors involved in the big-picture planning process, allowing owners to focus on the success of their businesses while we implement the retirement plan program. In an ongoing conversation with all of your financial partners, we work collaboratively with your financial professional to facilitate a positive transition from employment to retirement and estate planning.

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