Cash Management Program

Principal Preservation

Through the Bank Insured Deposit Program (BIDP), cash deposits will be eligible for up to approximately $4 million in deposit insurance from the FDIC, which greatly exceeds the maximum FDIC- insurable amount outside of the program. FDIC-insured investments are designed to remove the market and credit risks associated with money funds and direct short-term investments. This aggregate amount of FDIC insurance under the BIDP may vary depending on the number of banks participating in the BIDP from time-to-time.

Daily Liquidity

BIDP enables investors to access funds at their discretion.


As FDIC insurance is limited to $250,000 per bank per investor, many investors resort to holding their assets with multiple banks. BIDP provides both security and convenience, facilitating the consolidation of large deposit balances. D.A. Davidson will place up to $246,500 ($493,000 for joint accounts of two or more individuals) (the “Deposit Limit”) of your available cash in each program bank on the Priority Lists. Once funds equal to the Deposit Limit have been deposited in each program bank, any additional funds will be deposited in the Money Market Fund.

For the current Priority Bank Lists, please click View the Priority Bank Lists.

BIDP Terms and Conditions

For the complete Terms and Conditions and Important Disclosures on the BIDP, click here or refer to D.A. Davidson’s new account agreement. Your financial professional can provide additional information on solutions appropriate for you and/or your business cash needs.

BIDP Tiered Rates

For eligible accounts participating in the BIDP, interest rates on deposit accounts will be tiered based on aggregate household assets (“Interest Rate Tiers”). This means that investors with higher household asset balances generally will have the ability to earn better interest rates. IRA accounts participating in one of our advisory programs are not eligible to participate in these tiered rates. Please click BIDP Interest Rate Tiers for current rates.

IRA Advisory BIDP Rates

Interest Rate Tiers are not applicable for IRA accounts participating in any of our advisory programs. For current interest rates for IRA advisory accounts, please click IRA Advisory BIDP Rates.

Dreyfus Money Market Fund

In addition to the BIDP, D.A. Davidson also offers the Dreyfus Government Cash Management - Institutional Shares (DGCXX) as part of its cash management program. For information on the Dreyfus Fund offered, please click Dreyfus Funds. Detailed information including management fees, charges and expenses can be found in the Prospectus.