Dreyfus Funds

Dreyfus Funds

In addition to the Bank Insured Deposit Program, D.A. Davidson also offers Dreyfus Funds as part of its cash sweep options. For information on the Dreyfus Funds, please read the Prospectuses, which contain management fees, charges, expenses and more information.

7-Day Average Yield for the Week Ending  3/31/2020.

Fund Name and Symbol 7-Day Yield
Dreyfus General Money Market Funds
General Money Market Fund - Class B  (GMBXX / GMM) 0.01%
General Government Securities Money Market Fund - Class B  (GSBXX / GGM) 0.01%
General Treasury Securities Money Market Fund - Class B  (GTBXX / GTM) 0.01%
General Municipal Money Market Fund - Class B  (GBMXX / GMU) 3.03%
General California Municipal Money Market Fund - Class B  (GENXX / GCB) 4.18%
Dreyfus Treasury Securities Cash Management – Institutional Shares  (DIRXX / DIR)* 0.54%
Dreyfus Government Cash Management – Institutional Shares  (DGCXX / DGC, DG2)** 0.29%

The funds' yields are based on past performance and will fluctuate.

Money market funds are managed to maintain a stable $1 share price. Investments in these funds are neither insured nor guaranteed by the FDIC or any other government agency and there can be no assurances that the funds will be able to maintain a stable net asset value of $1 per share. Investors should consider a fund’s investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses carefully before investing.

*Requires $1,000,000 minimum in cash.

**Only available for ERISA and IRA accounts in an advisory program or requires $1,000,000 minimum in cash.