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At D.A. Davidson we understand that each financial institution and their balance sheets are unique, and the specific investment strategy that makes sense for you should reflect your institution’s unique characteristics. We employ a top-down view of your institution during our strategy development that starts with the balance sheet, and then the portfolio itself. Cash flow needs, tax position, asset/liability posture, and regulatory considerations are all analyzed and assessed, along with liquidity risk, capital position, credit analysis, and funding issues. All must be coordinated within a framework of total resource integration that works to optimize performance and minimize risk. Once the optimal investment strategy for your institution is developed, our fixed income team works with you to execute appropriately and monitor progress on an ongoing basis.

A trusted voice

We are frequently called upon to speak with clients and regulators on the topics of interest rate risk management, prudent sector allocation and relative value across all sectors of the fixed income market.


Comprehensive balance sheet review


Strategic recommendations based on the institution's unique risks and circumstances


Fixed income market strategy & regulatory updates

A full range of products & services

competitively priced offerings | extensive access to the fixed income market

  • Fixed Income Strategies
  • Portfolio Optimization (Ladders, Barbells, Swaps, Model Portfolios)
  • Balance Sheet and Investment Portfolio Peer Comparison Reports
  • Capital At Risk Analysis
  • Current economic and general market commentary
  • Board Reports & Asset-Liability Committee (ALCO) Reports
  • Investment Education
  • Regulatory Compliance

Portfolio analytics that deliver

Our dedicated team has the knowledge to help you evaluate existing portfolios and assist you in new portfolio construction.

  • Define and enhance objectives
  • Optimization recommendations
  • Current economic and general market commentary
  • Integrate asset classes to mitigate volatility
  • Benchmark to appropriate indices
  • Create customized portfolios, including:
    Ladders | Barbells | Model Portfolios | Swaps

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