Managed Assets

A Disciplined Approach

Our comprehensive Managed Assets programs are designed to help chart prudent long-term strategies to guide you on the right financial path. By creating, implementing and monitoring a personalized investment program, we align our approach with your financial plans and goals. We understand there are many paths to success, and each investor is different. Our programs draw from a diverse range of asset classes, investment styles and investment managers, delivering solutions custom-made for you.

Goal Setting and Planning

Goal Setting & Planning

The asset management process begins with you and your D.A. Davidson financial professional uncovering your financial needs, goals, risk tolerance, time-horizon and expectations. Together you will build a long-term financial plan and develop your unique investor profile, which becomes the basis for establishing your investment strategy.

Professional Asset Management

Professional Asset Management

We offer a variety of investment programs, including alternative investments and proprietary and third party offerings. Determine with your financial professional which program best suits your investor profile and long-term financial goals.

Monitoring and Reporting

Monitoring & Reporting

You will regularly receive reports detailing your portfolio composition and account performance, supported both by our Managed Assets Investment Committee and the diligence of your financial professional.

The Strength of Advice

The Managed Funds Portfolios (MFP) Program is a comprehensive asset management program designed to align prudent long-term strategies with personal investment goals.

Offering discretionary investment management based on asset allocation, through the MFP Program, your financial professional will work closely with you to define your financial goals and recommend the investment solution best fit for you. Delegating this investing process to a professional eliminates the risk of making emotion-driven investment decisions, and ensures that the flexible portfolio design and overall portfolio risk match your investment strategy.

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Managed Funds Portfolios (MFP) Program