Davidson Investment Advisors

Stable. Transparent. Aligned with Clients.

A consistent, repeatable, and time-tested approach to portfolio management

We offer a number of equity and taxable/tax-exempt fixed income investment strategies, managed by a team of investment professionals whose considerable depth and breadth of experience within the capital markets allows for a truly unique perspective.

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Long-Term Approach to Investing

We consider ourselves to be investors, not traders, as demonstrated by our low turnover across strategies.

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Truly Active Portfolio Management

We strive to add value for our clients beyond returns that can be achieved through passive, index-based investing. Our high Active Share and focused portfolios illustrate the conviction we place in our research-based approach.

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Delivering on Risk

We seek to achieve favorable risk-adjusted returns through disciplined portfolio management. Integrated throughout our investment process are checks and balances, risk awareness and accountability to the highest levels of the firm.

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Established in 1975, Davidson Investment Advisors, an SEC-registered investment advisory firm, serves a variety of clients including corporations, employee benefit plans, foundations, trusts and high net worth individuals. As one investment team, Davidson Investment Advisors manages multiple equity and fixed income strategies with a shared culture of risk awareness and responsibility, but explicit accountability for investment decisions — leveraging the benefits of a team without the baggage of a committee.

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