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We leverage the benefits of our deep and experienced multi-asset investment team to glean unique insights into the companies and markets in which we invest. Each approach we offer is structured with a high degree of accountability to designated portfolio managers, promoting decisive and responsive portfolio-level decision making.

Each of our investment strategies adheres to the core elements of our investment philosophy, taking a long-term, research-based, and risk-aware approach.

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  • Equity Strategies

    We offer two distinct equity investment strategies: a Multi-Cap Equity strategy and an Equity Income strategy. These strategies exhibit low annual turnover, are concentrated in their construction, and benefit from our firm’s extensive research and risk-awareness process. Each portfolio consists of 25-55 individual securities, and each is actively managed to deliver on its specific mandate.
  • Fixed Income Strategies

    We offer a variety of fixed income portfolios, spanning both taxable and municipal bond markets. Actively managed and research-based, our portfolios are tailored to individual client preferences and mandates to ensure ongoing alignment. While our core strategies, an Intermediate Taxable Fixed Income Strategy and an Intermediate Municipal Fixed Income Strategy, are intermediate-term and investment grade, we also manage to a variety of other fixed income guidelines.
  • Multi-Asset Portfolios

    Our team leverages the breadth of our investment offerings and team to implement a variety of multi-asset portfolios for clients. These investment strategies benefit from our team’s risk awareness across equity and fixed income markets, and are customizable to client objectives, risk tolerances, and other considerations. We also offer a series of model portfolios, the Bison Strategies, seeking a broadly-diversified, professionally-managed, and risk-aware approach to asset allocation.
  • Custom Portfolio Management

    We work with a variety of institutional and individual investors to tailor portfolios to specific investment policy or objective-driven mandates. Our team has considerable experience helping clients craft policies and guidelines for individualized investment strategies, and have invested heavily in our team and technology to professionally manage portfolios to these requirements.