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Client Access & Mobile App

Our free, user-friendly Client Access website and Mobile App enable you to view balances, holdings, activity and client communications from the convenience of your home computer or mobile device.

Financial Calculators

Should I rent or buy? How much do I need to save for college? Should I refinance? Check out these financial calculators to help you answer some common financial questions.

FINRA Breakpoint Search

You may be eligible for reduced sales charges on Class A Mutual Funds.

We are pleased to offer our clients convenient access to the Mutual Fund Breakpoint Search Tool from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. This unique and free online tool allows you to research mutual fund sales charge discounts and more. With this tool, FINRA is helping to ensure that the public has access to the schedule for what are called breakpoint discounts of mutual funds with front-end sales charges. Funds aren’t obligated to offer breakpoint discounts and many funds calculate their discounts differently. The FINRA Breakpoint Search Tool allows users to look up breakpoint schedules, compare funds side by side, and explore linkage rules. 

Please contact your D.A. Davidson financial professional for more information on this tool.