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As your investment team, we seek an appropriate balance between risk and return,
encompassing a wide variety of specialties and industry knowledge.

  • Equity Income

    Quality Bias

    We invest in companies with solid balance sheets, ample cash flow, and a strong competitive position generating attractive return on capital.

    Dividend Power Focus

    We look beyond current dividend yield to include a company’s future capacity for dividends. The ability to pay dividends, grow dividends, pay down debt or initiate a share repurchase program is a tangible indicator of overall corporate health.

    Value Discipline

    Using a multivariate appraisal process, we assess value across three dimensions (Asset Value, Dividend Power Value and Growth Value) to uncover quality companies underappreciated by the broader market.

  • SeaCap Intermediate Municipal Fixed Income

    Optimize Tax-Exempt Income

    We seek to build a portfolio of high-quality municipal bonds that maximize income at acceptable levels of risk. Our strategy emphasizes predictable income flow along with principal stability in times of credit stress, changing interest rates, and volatile equity markets.

    Maximize Tax Efficiency

    We manage turnover, gain or loss realization and accommodate alternative minimum tax and state tax considerations.

    Incremental Return Tactics

    We utilize multiple investment tactics to pursue incremental return, seeking to explore opportunities that arise at the market and security levels. These include portfolio maturity restructuring to capture yield curve opportunities, sector and issue rotation to capture favorable relative returns, and awareness of municipal supply and demand imbalances which can create temporary trading opportunities.

  • Multi-Cap Equity

    Broad Market Coverage

    We manage our portfolio unconstrained by market capitalization and style classifications.

    Fundamental Focus

    We are cognizant of cyclical and secular dynamics, focusing on profitable companies with attractive return on capital, cash flow and growth prospects. Of key importance are superb management teams with sound, achievable strategies.

    Disciplined Portfolio Management

    We take active industry positions, with relative position sizes commensurate with risk. Our holdings are diversified by economic sector and adjusted based on where we view the greatest market opportunities.

  • Intermediate Taxable Fixed Income

    High-Quality Yield

    We seek to construct portfolios of high-quality securities which offer favorable yield without compromising safety. The intermediate portion of the yield curve (maturities ranging from 1-10 years) is our primary area of focus, where historical returns are comparable to longer-term bonds with less volatility (Source: Ibbotson Associates).

    Stability of Principal Value

    We perform rigorous fundamental credit analysis, including daily monitoring of issuers and credit trends. Diversification by market sector, sub-sector and issuer is a key area of focus, minimizing reinvestment risk and adversely timed cash flows.

    Actively Manage Term Structure and Credit Exposure

    We seek to protect principal value while pursuing incremental return by monitoring, anticipating and responding to changes in the broad economy and interest rate environment.

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