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Orbit of Innovation: Navigating 2024’s Trends

Orbit of Innovation: Navigating 2024’s Trends

Submerge yourself into our 2024 trends piece brought to you by Davidson Investment Advisors as we invite you to learn about what topics are expected to shape our world, economy, and one another for the upcoming year.


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Here’s the skinny on 2024 trends: and you guessed it, Ozempic is the main character…with AI trailing close behind. Thanks to these two, there’s been a bit of resurgence in productivity and a chance to accelerate labor productivity. Which is excellent because recent breakthroughs in science and tech are working overtime to extend human health spans, making people healthier, and well, more productive as one ages. Not to mention Smart Chemo or ADCs or what some call the “biological smart bomb.” These groundbreaking advancements and goals are proceeding as scheduled—as long as there is a steadfast focus on climate change and sustainability. Do you think government companies and other organizations will commit to becoming carbon neutral by 2050? Looks like fossil fuels are out and renewable energy sources are in. One thing looming on all our minds as we enter the new year: interest rates and inflation; what does the new normal look like? Maybe AI can help—or maybe not as numerous ethical concerns are being raised. A newly formed relationship between municipal bonds and technology has investors smitten while leaving others looking for the exit sign. 2024 holds a lot of potential—learn more about our trends for this year, here.

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