Cash access, borrowing power and bill paying in one convenient account

The DADVANTAGE Asset Management Account offers brokerage services, cash access, Davidson SmartCredit℠ borrowing power, and bill paying in one convenient account. Securities and FDIC-insured cash deposits are combined for maximum advantage.

You can access funds quickly and easily and pay bills with our BillPay feature. You can withdraw from your account without hassle and paperwork using a personalized DADVANTAGE check or your DADVANTAGE Visa® Platinum Debit Card. All expenses will be tracked for personal or tax purposes.

The DADVANTAGE Account can eliminate your need for other investment accounts, checking and savings accounts, and credit cards - and with them the need to shuffle funds between accounts and wade through multiple statements and records every month and at tax time.

When you consolidate your assets in the DADVANTAGE Account you'll simplify your record keeping, expand your access to funds, and enjoy the benefit of competitive money market rates for your uninvested cash.

Account Features:

Daily, we sweep cash, dividends and interest, and proceeds from securities sales into one of three Cash Equivalent Fund portfolios, leaving no funds idle.
You can access your assets any time, for any reason, with a DADVANTAGE personal check. There's no required minimum or maximum check amount.
Your DADVANTAGE Visa® Platinum Debit Card may be used for purchases at over 10 million locations worldwide. You receive Visa® Platinum Card cardholder benefits ranging from lost-purchase replacement, to accident insurance, to roadside assistance.
Your Visa® Platinum Debit Card delivers instant cash at more than 440,000 Visa® Platinum Card or Plus system ATMs. Fees may apply.
You can have your payroll, Social Security, pension, and retirement funds deposited directly to your DADVANTAGE account. Funds resulting from other account activity at D.A. Davidson & Co., such as dividends and interest and funds from bond or CD redemptions or securities sales, can be automatically deposited to your account.
Davidson SmartCredit℠ allows eligible investors to borrow against your marginable securities by writing a check or by using your Visa® Platinum Debit Card. Our variable interest rates are very competitive and you can pay us back on your own schedule as long as the margined securities in your account maintain sufficient value. Interest rates are subject to change at any time.
Pay-A-Bill℠ feature (Investor OnlineDirect) lets you use your DADVANTAGE Account to pay bills quickly and easily online. You can set up bill payer categories, pay recurring bills automatically, review and pay bills online, and review your complete transaction history.
Each month you will receive a single, easy-to-read statement of account transactions detailing all of your checking, Visa® Platinum Debit Card and BillPay activity, in addition to securities transactions.
The DADVANTAGE year-end summary statement details your financial activity for the year. Expenses, assets, and earnings are recapped for tax purposes and personal planning.
The DADVANTAGE year-end summary statement details your financial activity for the year. Expenses, assets, and earnings are recapped for tax purposes and personal planning.
The initial deposit of $10,000 net value (cash, money market funds, securities) allows a wide range of investors to participate. The required minimum daily net value is $5,000.
Twenty pre-assigned and nine self-defined check expense codes allow you to track where your money is going, for personal accounting and tax purposes. Monthly and year-end statements list both check amounts and codes.
You may call UMB Bank, n.a. (the card issuer), toll-free for assistance with a forgotten PIN, for information about your available balance or with other debit card related questions. UMB can be reached at (800) 449-9176 or (816) 843-2412. Your Financial Advisor can help with non-debit card related questions.